Angel Gabriel

My last post at the beginning of December was to say that despite losing nearly all my angelfish eggs to fungus, one had become a free swimmer. Well, I am delighted to announce that the single free swimmer is now a healthy juvenile angelfish (called Gabriel of course as it was Christmas), living in the downstairs community tank!

I raised the baby on freshly hatched baby brine shrimp as was recommended by basically everyone online, and to my surprise it turned out that hatching brine shrimp eggs was a lot less hassle than I had expected – I made my own hatchery out of a 2l lemonade bottle, some aquatic sealant, air tubing and an air stone. It was inevitably quite wasteful as I was only feeding one baby but the eggs are cheap enough that it wasn’t a big deal. I supplemented the shrimp with a commercial liquid fry food between batches of eggs hatching, and I continued this until he was large enough to east crushed adult food.

In little over a month he has grown from generic baby fish to a miniature version of his parents and seems to be doing well with the other fish downstairs, but I’ll keep an eye on how the other fish treat him while he’s small, and eventually how he treats them. As he was the lone survivor he had never met other fish until I moved him in downstairs but for now he seems to be doing well 😊


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