Angelfish Eggs!

I got in from work today and to my delight my angelfish had laid more eggs! After what happened last time to the wigglers (rainbow fish got into the breeding box I was using to separate them) I have had a hatching tank set up ever since, in preparation.

The tank itself is actually a plastic storage box (food safe) with a heater and sponge filter attached to an air pump, and a brine shrimp hatchery ready to go when the time is right. Cheap to set up, and hopefully, effective.

The eggs were laid on a leaf, so I have cut the leaf from the plant, wrapped the stem in aquarium lead to weigh it down and positioned it next to an air stone to mimic the fanning of the parents fins. I have also added a dose of methylene blue to try and prevent fungus growing on the unfertilised eggs and spreading to the fertilised ones.

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan and I will update as and when! Wish me luck!



Good news and bad news; unfortunately I lost what I thought was all of the eggs to fungus. Despite dosing with methylene blue they nearly all turned white – next time I will try removing the white eggs as they turn, but we live and learn. The good news is that I think just 1(!) egg hatched and I have a free swimmer! I will now spend the next few days and weeks caring for the one surviver and hopefully he will reach adulthood! Don’t know what I’d do with 100 baby angelfish anyway…


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