Angelfish Eggs!

In a departure from my other posts thus far I have some breaking news from my upstairs community tank – I have angelfish eggs! I noticed them last night which makes them at least 24 hours old, and only a few have turned white, therefore I’m hopeful the rest are fertile although I can’t be sure as I have no definitive proof of the sex of my angels, I only have two so will be pure luck if they are breeding pair.

Eggs were laid once before and I left them with the parents, and within 48 hours they were all gone – I assume eaten by the parents (I’ve heard angelfish can be quite poor parents, especially at first). I don’t have the resources to set up a dedicated breeding tank at the moment, however I’ve cut off the leaf the eggs were laid on and separated it into breeder floating in the tank, hopefully this will suffice.

I’m currently just trying to prepare some food incase some actually do hatch, If the eggs survive to this time tomorrow I will be pretty confident they are fertile and will attempt to hatch some brine shrimp as food – will update with any developments!


Despite losing a lot of eggs to fungus, I have wigglers! I now know for sure that I have a breeding pair, rather than just an egg laying female and I am now in the process of setting up some extra bits to hopefully raise a couple of these wigglers, or at least be better prepared for the next batch!

So after setting up a nursery tank ready for the wigglers once they become free swimming, I woke up this morning to find one my my rainbowfish inside the breeder box that was housing the wigglers. I let the rainbow out but unsurprisingly the wigglers appear to be all gone. I have no idea how the rainbow got in but the next batch of eggs will go straight in the separate tank – fingers crossed the angelfish go again pretty soon.


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